Pepper Spray Guide


Since 1973, pepper sprays had been carried and used by law enforcement worldwide as a way to subdue violent, aggressive or uncooperative subjects. Pepper sprays are made from an extract of chili peppers and usually come in an aerosol canister so you can spray it quickly and easily. Since its performance was proven so efficient, also portable and easy to use, pepper spray quickly became a popular self-defence option for both law enforcement and personal use.

We get lots of questions about pepper sprays, commonly also referred to as mace or OC sprays, but more often than not the question is, "what are the effects of pepper spray?"

  1. Swelling of Mucous Membranes Of Eyes, Nose & Throat
  2. Nasal & Sinus Discharge
  3. Coughing
  4. Shortness of Breath
  5. Drying of the Eyes
  6. Involuntary Eye Closure
  7. Painful Burning of the Skin
  8. Potential Numbness - only after being sprayed continuously for an extensive period of time
  9. Hyperventilation & Potential Increase in Blood Pressure
  10. Psychological Effects: Fear, Anxiety & Panic


Our experience tells us any combination of these effects can last for at least 45 minutes. It's important to remember this - all effects are temporary. The major benefit to using pepper spray is it is a non-lethal way to defend yourself and provides you time to escape a dangerous situation.

So why should you carry a pepper spray, what kind of situations can pepper spray protect you from, and how can a simple pepper spray benefit you?
  1. Protection at a safe distance - why go hands on?
  2. Very practical - protection against multiple threats
  3. 100% legal to carry and use for self defence
  4. Doesn't require size or strength to use
  5. Proven effective - police worldwide carry pepper spray
  6. First line of protection even before police arrival
  7. Extremely portable, easy to use and effective
  8. Non-lethal equipment for self-defence and escape
  9. Smart investment for safety – Low cost, long shelf life
  10. Better than insurance – covers your safety before harm
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